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For all those parents who have been craving for an exciting and stunningly unique and modern alternative to the more traditional moses basket Babycotpod bring you their signature piece, the CascaraTM.  

With its stylish and sophisticated design, unique shape and quality of materials Babycotpod have created a wonderfully soothing place to sleep for your newborn baby.  With it’s built in hood, carry handles and collapsible Tang stand the CascaraTM is a true around the home bassinet.

Our CascaraTM bassinet, which is suitable from birth, includes the Tang stand, deluxe mattress, interior bumpers, one set of luxury orange bumper fabrics and two white fitted sheets for your mattress.

We are able to deliver to homes around the world so please click here to see our prices.

Typically delivery will be made within 8 weeks of order being placed. 

The handmade Cascara™, designed and made in the UK, will be the envy of every home, so ORDER yours today.

Price : £595.00

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babycotpod buzz feedback & comments

  • "Well I'm a customer with 100% satisfaction rate for your cascara crib I loved mine, my little boy was so comfortable and content , I love it"
  • "Congratulations on this beautiful creation that combines comfort and modern design!  I’m very interested in buying one of these."
  • "Hello, I saw the cascara crib and fell in love with it!!! How can I buy one?  I live in Greece so do you have any stockists here or can I buy it online?"
  • "Hi, I found Cascara on internet and I'm very excited to have one for my baby girl.  We're expecting her for early December. Congrats on your designs!"